Knoxville’s Tour de Lights 2017

Long-term readers know¬† Tour de Lights is one of my favorite annual events. It combines creativity, holiday festivity and cycling and it’s like no other event during the year. I’d love to see some of the creativity on display here bleed over into some of our other parades. As has been the case the last […]

Knoxville Gets Its Move On: Open Streets 2015

It felt a little weird at first, didn’t it? I think maybe more so for those of us who are often pedestrians. Walking on a sidewalk and being very cautious when walking in the street are critical at a primal survival level. It’s hard to unlearn something that hard-wired, even if only for a few […]

Urban Guy Takes a Bike Class: I Bike Knx Has It Going On

It’s been nearly a year now since I bought my bike from Kickstand Community Bike Shop. I rode pretty steadily through the summer and into the fall, but crumbled when the weather turned cold. I didn’t want to walk outside, let alone bike. By spring my tires were flat, pump lost and muscles deteriorated. A […]

Tour de Lights 2014

The eighth annual Tour de Lights was held this past Friday night. I almost rode in this one, but blogga world got a little crazy the end of last week, so I didn’t make it. Maybe next year. It’s always fun and the creativity is beyond what I could ever muster. Elves, Santas, Wise Men […]

Can Knoxville be a Cycling City? Would that be a good thing?

I’ve personally experienced more of the perils of being a pedestrian. If you let me get started, I can begin to sound downright anti-automobile, though I’m not. My point is always that in car vs. pedestrian the pedestrian always loses, so the rules should favor the pedestrians. Unfortunately, not all drivers understand the rules. When […]