Just Ripe Sold to Century Harvest Farms!

I told you good news was on the way and here’s a shot of just that. I’ve been waiting anxiously to share the great news that Chris Burger and Century Harvest Farms will close next week on their purchase of Just Ripe. In a very happy conclusion to my previous story about their decision to […]

Top Ten Articles of 2014

So, here we are with the top ten. Before we get into it, I’d like to thank some people who have been important to the success of the blog this year. Just John added tremendous value by writing about his innovative ideas for the city and spurring great conversations. Guest bloggers Greg Manter, Adam Henig, […]

Just Ripe Facing Possible Closure, Hopes for Sale

I’ve written about many openings in the city as well as more than a few closures over the last four-and-a-half years. Some of the closures shocked me and some have hit on a personal level. None quite compare to this one. It’s more personal. It’s just a  little closer. I’ve known Kristen Faerber since she […]

Third Thursday Daylight Building Block Party

    Put it on your calendars. The first was a lot of fun last night and it’s an event that will surely grow. With little publicity, the Daylight Building hosted its first Third Thursday Block Party and several hundred people enjoyed the first event. Starting at 5:00 and running until 8:00, people came, visited […]

New Knoxville Residents: A Feel Good Story

A few weeks ago I walked into Just Ripe, which readers of this blog know I love, to buy a few groceries. I don’t know the names of everyone who works there, but I know the faces and a good many names. I noticed a new face behind the counter and introduced myself to the […]