So What Makes Christmas in the City a Top Twenty Tourism Event?

While I haven’t run a poll, I think it is safe to assume that every city in the U.S. has holiday celebrations of various sorts starting this time of year. No doubt many of them are wonderful. So, why would the Southeast Tourism Society name Knoxville’s Christmas in the City as a “Top Twenty Event,” […]

Thanksgiving Quickly Turns to Christmas in the City

I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving filled with friends and family and lots of love. I know some people dread the holidays for many different personal reasons and, for you, I hope the holiday provided you with good moments and that your worst fears weren’t realized. Holidays are a tricky business. Ours […]

Downtown Knoxville Holiday Guide 2016

I’m always a little startled when the holidays that end the year are suddenly upon us. Thoughts shift quickly to family gatherings, work parties, gifts and the looming advent of a New Year. Some of us will be glad to let this year go and look forward while others think of challenges ahead. But before […]

Thanksgiving into Christmas: The City Transitions

I wanted to write a few words about this past weekend before time gets too far along. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday filled with whatever makes you happy. The Urban Family had a great several days – much of which we shared with family and with a few thousand other people […]

Thanksgiving, Lights, Action

Urban Girl, Urban Daughter and Urban Father, Thanksgiving, Downtown Knoxville, November 2013 It seems to go faster every year. Time in general, of course, but also the duration of any event. We want the next event to happen before the one we are in is finished. Do we even notice what’s happening as we barrel […]