Tour Downtown Homes at the Urban Home and Garden Tour

I can’t remember the year my wife and I first attended a tour of downtown homes. It must have been sometime in the early 2000’s. We were struck with the range of residences, from traditional to modern, from large buildings to small and from main corridors to hidden side streets and alleyways. Some of them, […]

An Afternoon of Beautiful Homes in Parkridge, Part 1 of 2

The weekend was as beautiful as could be hoped for in late October in Knoxville. In other words, it was picture perfect. The dilemma was in choosing which events to pursue. Of course there was a pretty big football game, but there was much more. One of the events I couldn’t miss was a Parkridge […]

More Homes around Market Square, CDC Tour 2013

In this final post from the Community Design Center Tour, we’ll look at several homes: one owned and others leased. Some are newly built in old buildings and one has been around for a while. All offer excellent views and one has a roof-top deck, something not found with great frequency around downtown. The first […]