Holly’s 135 Closes (plus one more)

It was quite surprising to learn that workers began transporting equipment from Holly’s 135 on the morning of January 1. Just the previous night a party had brought in the new year in the space.¬†Less than a month ago I wrote an article about the changes Holly Hambright had made to the space¬†and it was […]

Holly’s 135 Adds Space, Makes Changes (Plus a Concert Giveaway)

It’s seems like Holly’s 135 has been downtown for a long time, but it’s only been a bit over nine months since the Grand Opening in the midst of an ice storm. It was an eventful start that had people from all over downtown gathering there by the end of the night as it was […]

Is Knoxville Cuisine Improving? Which are the Best Downtown Restaurants?

We’ve had numerous debates about food in Knoxville over the years I’ve written about downtown. I generally write about restaurants that open, and while I’m spreading the word more than I’m reviewing them, I generally find some good things to say. Are we world class? No. Do we have the variety of restaurants found in […]

Holly’s 135 Officially Opens in the Middle of an Ice Storm

I hope it’s smoother sailing for the restaurant after their first day. They opened at 11:00 AM on Monday and by noon ice was falling from the sky in prodigious amounts. The motley crew at the table next to us claimed to have beaten us by a few seconds as first customers, but we were […]

Shuck Closes, Holly Hambright’s Holly’s 135 to Open

I realize very well this has been reported elsewhere, but it’s too significant for downtown and the 100 block for me not to mention it. I also was able to speak with Ben Bishop, general manager of Shuck downtown and in Bearden. He was able to give a little insight into the decision to shift […]