Thanksgiving into Christmas: The City Transitions

I wanted to write a few words about this past weekend before time gets too far along. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday filled with whatever makes you happy. The Urban Family had a great several days – much of which we shared with family and with a few thousand other people […]

Five Bar Restaurant Opens on Gay Street

Today is the official opening of Five Bar Restaurant (Facebook) at 430 S. Gay Street. Yesterday a soft opening allowed staff to practice before opening day and the restaurant was packed. Small wonder, given the prices (free), but like Urban Woman and me, I’m sure that many of those customers will return with friends. Even with […]

A Final Look at Tailor Lofts

I’ve probably not been given the opportunity to follow any building more closely than that afforded to me by Daniel Odle of Conversion Properties at Tailor Lofts. When I first toured the building, I couldn’t keep from calling it the “Arby’s Building” because of the business that had operated there for so long. That seems […]