Church Street United Methodist Church Set to Build Addition to Historic Structure

It’s a beautiful structure sitting just to the west of Henley Street, across Cumberland from the Knoxville Convention Center. Church Street United Methodist Church, built in 1931, might be assumed to have always been in that location – except for that name. Why would a church on Cumberland and Henley be named after a street […]

Vine Avenue Rowhouses Downtown to Break Ground in October

It’s a point of continual discussion among downtown residents and would-be residents: There are not enough homes on the market in the downtown area. Given any particular budget – high or low – and, certainly, any set of parameters for desired amenities, buyers are often left with one, two or no options. I’ve known buyers […]

Demolition/New Building Proposed for Old City

A surprise tweet started a series of communications for me a couple of days ago. The tweet suggested that two buildings in the Old City might be torn down to be replaced with new construction. The address concerned is 120- 122 South Central. You may know it as the former location of Big Don the […]

Kress Building Prepped for Major Renovation

Slowly, but very steadily, each of the remaining historic buildings on Gay Street are being renovated and updated. Work currently is underway in the old KUB Building, the Merchants Bank and Trust Building, the former J.C. Penney Building. Half the bottom floors are complete in the Century Building, with spaces awaiting purchase or lease (in […]

Walnut Street Garage Takes Shape: What Do You Think?

It’s massive, it’s changed our skyline and it will hold many, many cars. Over a thousand of them. So far, there’s not much to disagree with. It’s all true. That’s where opinions diverge. I’ve made it clear before that I question whether we need so many parking garages and, more particularly, whether they all need […]