Downtown Knoxville Christmas Eve Services 2017

Incredibly, at least to me, another year draws to a close and Christmas is at hand. I hope you have a happy holiday whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or simply enjoy some extra time with your family. Here’s the annual list of Christmas Eve services for those of you who might be interested. I’ll […]

Downtown Knoxville Christmas Eve Services 2016

  I’m wishing you a happy Christmas with this article. I’ll be spending time with the people I love for the next few days. I hope you are able to do the same. I’ll not write Friday or Monday, but I will have the 10 Day Planner on Sunday, as usual.  Have a good one […]

Church Street United Methodist Church Set to Build Addition to Historic Structure

It’s a beautiful structure sitting just to the west of Henley Street, across Cumberland from the Knoxville Convention Center. Church Street United Methodist Church, built in 1931, might be assumed to have always been in that location – except for that name. Why would a church on Cumberland and Henley be named after a street […]