Demolition and Construction Set for Central Street in the Old City

Last May a group made an initial presentation to the Downtown Design Review Board detailing their plans to demolish the buildings at 120 – 122 Central Street and replace them with an attractive three-story building. The plans have changed since that first reportĀ and now include a larger, four story, brick building. The project is in […]

An Anniversary for two Missing Buildings and an Empty Lot

Yesterday an anniversary of sorts passed without so much as a thought. It’s something that some people would rather be forgotten. It’s something that only the most spiteful among us might be interested in celebrating. I think it is worth remembering and taking note. For those of you who didn’t read this blog two years […]

Demolition/New Building Proposed for Old City

A surprise tweet started a series of communications for me a couple of days ago. The tweet suggested that two buildings in the Old City might be torn down to be replaced with new construction. The address concerned is 120- 122 South Central. You may know it as the former location of Big Don the […]

Saying “Goodbye” to Pryor Brown Parking Garage

The end of the line appears imminent for Pryor Brown. The struggles to save the building have been well documented and I’ll not add much to that, here. It was just over a year ago that Josh Flory reported that a demolition permit had been requested and I wrote about a “discouraging day for the […]

A Look at the Former Baptist Hospital: Present and Future

As I said a couple of days ago, my walk to south Knoxville originally started as a trip to look at the progress of the Baptist Hospital demolition, but then I got distracted, first by CityView and then by Record Day at Disc Exchange. I did, however take a look at the progress on the […]