Holly’s 135 Closes (plus one more)

It was quite surprising to learn that workers began transporting equipment from Holly’s 135 on the morning of January 1. Just the previous night a party had brought in the new year in the space. Less than a month ago I wrote an article about the changes Holly Hambright had made to the space and it was […]

Is Knoxville Cuisine Improving? Which are the Best Downtown Restaurants?

We’ve had numerous debates about food in Knoxville over the years I’ve written about downtown. I generally write about restaurants that open, and while I’m spreading the word more than I’m reviewing them, I generally find some good things to say. Are we world class? No. Do we have the variety of restaurants found in […]

Seeing Knoxville Through Different Eyes

Have you ever noticed how different something looks when you see it through someone else’s eyes. Maybe you’ve assured your friend that a movie is fine for their child, but as you sit with them you realize it had a whole lot more of something in it than you remembered. Or you’ve dragged a friend […]

A Quick Shout-Out to April 2013 First Friday

The weekend ran a bit differently for Urban Woman and myself. Ordinarily a First Friday would find me running about until very late catching as much as possible of all the goings on. This time we had out-of-town visitors, so I found myself with a group of nine people ranging in age from three to […]

Downtown Knoxville Construction/Downtown Knoxville Business: Follow the Money

Today we’ll look at four properties, what has been done to them and what is proposed. We’ll also examine the response they got from requests for grants from the Central Business Improvement District. You’ll recall that CBID underwent a complete re-evaluation of the grant process back in the spring. it all started with the controversial $125,000 […]