How would you spend $.75 million and change annually to help downtown?

Start naming projects to help an entire downtown and the money can slip away pretty quickly. Some issues or dreams can’t be addressed with that small amount of money. As massive as it would seem to many of us on a personal level, when you start spreading it around block-by-block, it’s hard to make it […]

Downtown Knoxville Alliance Poised to Usher the City into a New Era

When I moved into downtown Knoxville in 2009 and stumbled into the Central Business Improvement District, now re-branded as the Downtown Knoxville Alliance,  it was already sixteen years old. Formed in 1993 during some of downtown’s most difficult years, the purpose was to pool a small tax on downtown residents and businesses and leverage that […]

Perennial Question: What Does Downtown Need?

It may be the most asked question in Knoxville at least for this young millennium, second perhaps only to, “Can I have money for the bus?” Metro Pulse used to keep it posted as a never-ending source of conversation, if not amusement. But what’s the answer? It’s complicated. A lot depends on who you ask. […]