Jeremiah Welch Shares His Art; Needs Your Help

You’ve probably seen him playing his cello around downtown, you may have noticed his inclusion in an article about buskers in the most recent Mercury. In a town with not so many African-American cello players, he stands out. If you draw close, you’ll realize he isn’t just nibbling around the edges on the instrument. He […]

New Buskers Around Town

I’ve noticed quite a few new buskers of various sorts around downtown this spring. It’s something I like to see and I feel they add to our quality of life. Most of the new additions have seemed pretty talented to me. Some are not musicians, but rather artists of a different sort. I’d have a […]

Busking on the Brain

I’ve written about buskers before and even if you haven’t read those older posts, but you’ve read more than a few of my current posts, you might guess that I’m generally pro-busking. I think it adds a flavor to the city that we otherwise miss and I regularly give them a dollar or two. Of […]