Saturday Sounds: Dixieghost, Blond Bones and Jubal

Today we’re going to look at three very different local bands and what they are up to. I saw Dixieghost recently at Scruffy City Hall on the 6 O’Clock Swerve and Jubal opened for Blond Bone at their CD release party at Flow. Most weeks in Knoxville feature more great music than any one person […]

Celebrations and Shakespeare in the City

Late last week downtown was filled with celebrations of various sorts. Interestingly, three events in two days centered on literary achievements of sorts. Tuesday evening saw a celebration of a surprise publication and of the beginning of a journey to New York City for another. Thursday saw an annual production that honors the most esteemed […]

Yellow Rose Productions takes “Princess Cut” to NYC

I continue to be impressed by and compelled to write about Yellow Rose Productions. As I’ve said before, I met Danielle Roos and Kerri Koczen in Scruffy City Hall when they approached me and asked why I was taking photographs. I followed that with a story about the production company┬áin January of 2014, about their […]