Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at the Tennessee Theatre

I love mash-ups of cultural elements not usually situated in close proximity, so to see African drummers, a jazz band, a symphony orchestra and slam poets all on the same stage is naturally going to grab my attention. Such was the celebration last night at the Tennessee Theatre. The Knoxville Symphony Chamber Orchestra, under the […]

Scruffy City Hall: Another Reason to Love Downtown Knoxville

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the things that Urban Woman and I marvel at is that many of our favorite places and things to do didn’t exist before we moved. And we moved here thinking it was an amazing place to live. Union Avenue and Jackson Avenue have each come to […]

Waynestock 2014, Night One

It’s nearly 12:30 AM as I’m writing this post, so you’ll see more photographs than words so I can get a little sleep before I go to work in a few hours. Tonight marked the kick-off of the fourth annual Waynestock Festival. It’s a great event benefiting various charities each year. For a $5 per […]

Shaft with MC M and DJ J featuring Urban Guy Do the Rap Show With Milo

I know, it’s a pretty unlikely headline. I’m more of a rock and roll, singer-songwriter, jazz and blues kind of guy. I’m also, shall we delicately say, out of the demographic for rap shows. But, I got an invitation to see what was up with a group of young rappers at Relix last week and […]

A Friday Night in Knoxville: Blues to Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Indie and Jazz

Wayne Bledsoe recently wrote of a night in Knoxville in which he heard an incredible range of music and declared this a golden era for our local music scene. His suggestion was to get out and enjoy it or regret it later. It’s very good advice. From Friday evening through Saturday evening this past week […]