Single Room Occupancy: A Relic Best Left to the Past or a Way to Make Cities More Affordable?

Single Room Occupancy (SRO) was once a norm in cities in the United States. Its demise was fed by a number of variables, but that it has nearly disappeared is of little dispute. Is that a good thing? City Lab┬árecently took a look in a visual article, “When America’s Basic Housing Unit Was a Bed, […]

Providing Affordable Housing in an Urban Environment

There is no shortage of articles discussing housing prices in urban areas. It’s not a complete reversal of trends from forty years ago, but it does provide an interesting contrast. Will the trend last? What are the implications for our future? It’s hard to know, but some recent articles have explored those questions. In a […]

Interesting Trends in the Urban World

I run across a pretty constant stream of articles related to all things urban. Generally I bookmark them for later use. I’ve often used one or another as a basis for an article about something in Knoxville. For this round, I want to hit you with several. It’s a good way to spot trends and […]