Prodigious Polls Proliferate

It seems they are everywhere. Knoxville places in or tops all types of polls, some of them flattering, some not so much. Over the coming days I’ll talk about several from the last year or so give you my take on them as someone pretty attuned to the city and its finer points as well as its foibles. It should be a fun trip and, hopefully, should engender some good conversation.

For today, I’d like to make my (second) annual request that you vote in the Metropulse Reader’s Poll. You will be required to provide your name and e-mail address and you must vote in at least twenty categories and confirm via the e-mail they send to your account for your vote to count. It only takes a few minutes and I’d really appreciate your support. This year’s poll includes drop-down menus with suggested answers and for best blog “Knoxville Urban Guy” is already provided.

The winners will be announced in the May 3 edition of the Metropulse and a party honoring those people will be held at Cafe 4 in the Square Room on May 4. It’s always a good time and I’d encourage you to put it on your calendar.

And while you are feeling supportive of the blog, how about friending Knoxville Urban Guy or liking Stuck Inside of Knoxville on Facebook? If you haven’t become a follower or subscribed to the blog, you can do that just to the right of this post. See how easy it is to be a part of something fun?

I’ll likely remind you again along the way, but I hope many of you vote today. I’ll also be sending out the same request to my e-mail list and as an invitation via my Facebook page and the Stuck Inside of Knoxville Facebook page, so some of you will get hit multiple times since there is some overlap among them.

So, thanks for reading and for voting and stay tuned for articles on the various polls with a Knoxville presence.