A New Wrinkle in My Blogging World: Athenaeum

Hopefully, today finds a host of new readers finding their way to Stuck Inside of Knoxville. If you are joining us from the online edition of The Athenaeum, or you saw the link in the print edition, welcome. I hope you find reason to linger and become part of the Urban Nation. This blog covers everything downtown from the political to the panhandler, from music and arts to business and general on-the-street happenings.

For my more established readers, here’s what I’m rambling about: starting today (around the middle of the day), I’ll have a regular column in both the print and online editions of Athenaeum, a new newspaper covering happenings on campus and in the city. The print version is available on the UT campus and around downtown.

I’ll use this new avenue to expand readership for the blog as well as to spread the message about the awesome place we have in the center city. My columns there will reflect what you read here, though it may evolve into a different type of approach to the same topic: Downtown Knoxville.

I hope you’ll check out the current issue at the link above and like them on Facebook. The editor is Mustapha Moussa who some of you may know as the owner of 11 Cafe on the 100 Block which opened just before the end of the year.

While you (new and old readers) are Facebooking around, be sure to friend Knoxville Urban Guy and then drop by and “like” the Stuck Inside of Knoxville Facebook page, where you’ll find over 1100 photographs of Knoxville sights and people.