Blog Thoughts at the End of a Good Week

It’s been a fun week on the blog. I really appreciate each of you who read and especially all of you commenting this week. It’s an interesting time to live in downtown Knoxville. On that front, Jack Neely wrote an excellent article, “A Sense of Moment,” discussing the current state of downtown that I read several times. I’d strongly urge you to check it out.

I’m going to end the week with some news about the blog. There are some very cool things happening. Primary among them is that The Hillville, which is an online journal about urban Appalachia, used a large number of my photographs for their Knoxville issue this week. They also profiled me in a photo essay entitled “Viewing Knoxville.” I’d encourage you to give them a visit. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Other big news for the blog includes my first pay check! Google has finally decided that enough of you have visited and clicked their ads that I they should send me $105.99. This covers a period from June 2010 through December 2011. During that time I wrote 452 posts. With everything that goes into a post, I’d guess I average four hours per post once I’ve attended an event, chosen and edited photographs, written the content, posted a link on Facebook and posted the pictures to Facebook and the other various activities that goes into building traffic. Some posts take more time, some less. That means I’ve earned about 23 cents a post or about 6 cents an hour. Not shabby! I think I’ll keep my day job.

Stuck Inside of K’ville casting a long shadow in this town!

According to Google, Stuck Inside of Knoxville passed another significant milestone on Monday of this week when the total page-view count surpassed 100,000. The first hundred thousand took just over nineteen months. The next hundred thousand will be attained much more quickly.

That brings us to the things you can do, if you haven’t already:

  • Click “Join this Blog” to the right of this post and become a follower. This allows you to read the blog via Google Reader, but more importantly, you get your profile picture posted on the blog! How cool is that? We need to move that number up over one hundred. That really shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Fill in and submit your e-mail address to receive e-mail updates every time I post. Just click on the confirmation link when the e-mail arrives and you are in the know!
  • Friend Knoxville Urban Guy on Facebook
  • “Like” Stuck Inside of Knoxville on Facebook. There you’ll find well over a thousand pictures of people and places in Knoxville, nicely arranged and waiting for your pleasure.
  • Tell your friends! See a post you like? Forward the link to a dozen of your closest friends. Post a link on your Facebook page. You are interested in downtown Knoxville and you know other people who are interested as well. Spread the word.
  • Consider becoming a sponsor. Have an established business downtown and like what I’m doing to promote the smaller businesses? Sponsor a link. Have a small business and want to put a link or image in front of thousands of people each month who are interested in downtown? Let me know.
Mostly, just keep on reading. That’s the only thing that really made all the hours worthwhile and I appreciate each of you. Knowing that any day I write there will be 150 to 300 (and increasing) readers taking a look is a pretty awesome feeling for a writer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.