Paris, the Bronx and Krutch Park

I’ve talked about the Grand Opening/Block Party happening on the 100 block of Gay Street last Friday night. It was very Rock and Roll with a twist of art in the air. I’ve talked about Market Square on the same night, with Sorority Surprises, literary celebrations, a pink-strewn square with Pretty in Pink on the big screen and bluesy jazz laying down the ambience. Still, there was another section of town with its own thing going on.
Accordion Player at French Market, Knoxville, October 2010

Friday night downtown has found me more often than not at the French Market lately. Slowly but surely each night is finding its spot. Sunday is Coffee and Chocolate for a treat to start the work week. Monday is La Costa a little after-work relaxation. Tuesday through Thursday is Tomato Head and Trio. Saturday night is S and W and Donald Brown. But Friday is quickly becoming a stroll through Paris.

This particular Friday night was special. Yes, it was First Friday, but it also happened to be the second anniversary of the opening of the French Market, Knoxville’s very own Parisian sidewalk cafe. While the 100 Block rocked out and Market Square immersed itself in the blues, the French Market reveled in . . . the accordion! What could be more French? Very traditional! We ate our crepes, listened to the accordion and took a small trip to Paris. 

Solar Booths in Krutch Park, Flow Mojo stands guard, Knoxville, October 2010
As we took our imaginary trip, a glance across the street revealed Krutch Park, still clinging to Flow Mojo (it lasted past September!) and reveling in the future with an array of solar power booths and displays. If the Paris to Krutch Park weren’t enough for your Friday evening traveling sensibilities, a little bit of Brooklyn slipped onto the sidewalk when a young man began an interpretive dance that ending in a dazzling display of break dancing prowess – all set to the sounds of an accordion pounding out an unremitting polka beat. Where else could you have all this action in one spot?

Brooklyn meets the Left Banke, Break dancing and Polka on Gay Street, Knoxville, October 2010
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