Worship on the Square

Children dance and preach for the crowd

A recent Saturday night offered Salvation on the Square in the form of a worship service. Dancing, preaching and music entertained and exhorted the crowd of around 150 people, which included, one would presume, the faithful as well as the curious passersby.

Banner lying on the steps

 A sign on the steps to the stage offered little clue as to why they were there on that particular night, but it did coincide with the anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington. For my money, this was better than what Washington got on that day this year.

The crowd watches – or not in some cases

 The van I noticed as I walked away had, what appeared to me to be an ambiguous caption painted on the side. I think what appears to be an apostrophe is actually a shiny hinge, but maybe it is the little mark that sets everything right.

Are they overcoming believers or believers who have overcome?
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