Saturday Night’s Alright

Any Saturday night that starts with Donald Brown and his smoking jazz at the S and W Grand has to be alright. Knowing he is there most Saturday nights makes it hard for me to start anywhere but there. The legends who came to town for the Knoxville Jazz Festival were in awe of our very own jazzman. I caught these pictures on a recent Saturday night.

 His is the most dependable, honest jazz regularly available downtown. Here’s a shot of his work:

The S&W was also the site of the opening of the Knoxville Jazz Festival on August 27 and the magnificent after-party on August 28.

After listening to some Jazz I walked to the Night Owl Cafe to try their coffee and got to see a couple having an intense discussion outside my window before realizing he was a member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. I know the pictures are awful, but I couldn’t use a flash without drawing their attention and besides, my hands were probably shaking.

On my way back home I saw this great piece of street art. Who knows the story? It looked like pretty fancy duds to me, but I wasn’t willing to touch and investigate, so I decided to document and move along. It still brought a late night smile and reminded me why I love to live in the city.

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