Late September Scenes from the City

Here are a few images I liked that didn’t really have a full story. I can’t get enough of Krutch Park and when you throw in two foot tall chess pieces, what more could you want?

Jerry ponders his next move against a certain blogga. Tip: It is useless!
Urban Baby Checking out the Scene in Krutch Park
Styling Scooter in the Old City, Knoxville September 2010

I spotted the scooter in the Old City. The guy riding it looked almost as interesting as the bike, but he strode quickly away which just left me and the bike.

Great Danes enter Market Square, Knoxville, September 2010
The pictures of the dogs don’t do them justice. I think there were seven or eight total and they sucked the air out of their end of the square: immediate celebrities from the Smoky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.

Instant Celebrity: Great Danes on Market Square, Knoxville, September 2010

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