Tuesday Afternoon, Part Three, (AKA: The Blackberry Car)

Yet another reason to love downtown: You never know what you might find. Walking on Union Street in front of Pete’s (go to Petes, you’ll love the breakfast and the ambience) I found this car.

What you might ask is covering this car? Could it be bird droppings? Could it be something from the tree under which it is parked? Have a closer look:

Or even closer:

That’s right: It is blackberries! Hundreds of fresh, juicy, absolutely ruining the paint job, blackberries. Why? Revenge? It seems possible, but who would think of buying this many blackberries to cover a car when you can just “Bust the Windows Out Your Car?” I must say I failed as a young blogger. I waited for an hour to talk to the owner of the car, but got hungry and left my post. I left a note begging for a phone call and an answer, but I got nothing. Anybody out there know anything?

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