City Proposes New Short Term Rental Regulations

It’s been almost six months since the city held a public hearing to discuss short term rentals. Starting at that point, city officials took public comment and began formulating a policy to regulate short term rentals. You might call them “AirBnb’s,” but that’s just one of the companies following the new model of leasing private […]

Magnolia Records Opens Downtown

It’s a headline that would have been confounding just a few years ago. CD sales obliterated vinyl in the 1980s and predictions held vinyl would become the eight-track tape of its generation. At that same time, announcements of new businesses of any sort on Magnolia Avenue were hard to come by. It’s a different era. […]

City Lights Bar and Grill Opens at 1103 Sevier Avenue

City Lights Bar and Grill opened March 1, at 1103 Sevier Avenue, with the intention of becoming a neighborhood bar. From the sounds of it, they are off to a good start. A customer named Justin is such a regular, the nachos are named for him. Another, Gary Underwood, has already been designated the new […]

Welcome Back to an Entirely Different City: Knoxville Hosts Big Ears

Last Sunday I was talking with Ashley Capps about the upcoming Big Ears Festival (podcast here) and he mentioned that friends of his were coming from New York and they said they couldn’t wait to return to a downtown restaurant they enjoyed. Ashley immediately thought of all the great restaurants which have opened in the […]

Body Mind Realign Chiropractic and Gratitude Bar Opens in the Old City

A small space at 111 N. Central – which is on a closed block for the moment – has opened for business as Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, adding to the range of services and goods quickly increasing in the Old City. Part chiropractic office, part retail and part natural oils served up in […]