The Marble City Kitchen and the Firefly Open at the Hilton

Have you noticed the fuss outside the Hilton? The courtyard which for years has been more or less unattended is suddenly much more attractive, with interesting heavy-duty latticework looming above the space. Stadium-style seating built with cedar, a fire pit, pretty landscaping, a granite bar with out-door taps, a scored-surface and a fire-pit make the […]

Local Motors Opens at 11 Market Square

When the news broke earlier this spring that a company named “Local Motors” would soon set up shop at 11 Market Square, many of us had a difficult time figuring out just what that meant. Were they a car company? What was up with the adult tricycles pictured on the window-coverings? And then we saw […]

Architectural Antics Settles into the Old North/Fourth and Gill Groove

I think it says something about a place finding its groove when you think it’s been there for years – but it hasn’t. I’m stretching a bit north for a couple of posts this week. I’ve fallen behind on some very cool businesses up Broadway and out toward Happy Holler. Architectural Antics sits just a […]

The Century Building Comes Back to Life

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged by the demolitions, fires and less-than-inspiring designs for new construction that seem to be proliferating lately. Those of us who watch the scene with intense interest can sometimes miss the larger picture for the details. I know that McClung Warehouses – which once could have been an anchor in […]

A Portrait of a Friend: Flossie McNabb, Union Avenue Books and the Heart for our City

I think it was around 1995 when I first met Flossie McNabb, currently owner of Union Avenue Books. I’d wandered into Davis-Kidd Bookstore after seeing a notice there would be a discussion there of Faulkner’s Sound and the Fury. I’d recently decided that if I intended to be a southern author, I should probably read […]