Bullman’s Kickboxing and Krav Maga – Full Service Gym Coming to Gay Street

It’s raised a few eyebrows – that sign on the front of the Kress Building that announced the advent of, “Bullman’s Kickboxing and Krav Maga.” Kickboxing downtown? What the heck is “Krav Maga?” I met with Terry Bullman to get the answers to those questions and much more. What I found surprised me: this is […]

End of the Year Rush: Businesses Close, Open, Move

There’s just something about the end of a year that makes us re-evaluate. On a personal level, we’re a year older for certain, heavier or healthier, a little richer or a little poorer, closer to our goals or further away. It must be similar for business owners as they survey the year that was, evaluate […]