Three Crazy Urban Events for Your Weekend – Plus bonus events

Fashion Show, Steampunk Carnivale, Knoxville, June 2013

It starts tonight and it runs for two days of craziness. Two of the three would only happen in an urban environment and two all three promise to be completely exciting. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t point out there are many other great events going on. It is First Friday weekend and that always means not having fun requires a huge effort. So, let’s not put out that effort, OK? Let’s just go with the flow and have us some fun.

When I brought you the Behind the Scenes Tour of the Tennessee Theatre, I mentioned their event for the night, which I would highly encourage people to do. They have a similar tour to the one I got, starting at 5:00 PM. Organists will play from 5 – 7 PM on the Mighty Wurlitzer and a 7:00 PM, the new digital projector debuts with a showing of “Back to the Future.” For some of you that will be a one-stop night of fun.

Young Dancers, Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Knoxville, June 2013
Friends at the Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Knoxville, June 2013

Yesterday when I wrote about Abingdon, I mentioned that the Emporium’s exhibition this month will be the artists from that city’s Depot Artist Association. Knox County Mayor Burchett is joining Food Truck Friday on Main Street from 11:30 – 1:00 PM, so get some great food from the Savory and Sweet Truck, Forks on the Road or the Tootsie Truck and tell the mayor what’s on your mind. First Friday in the Holler features the art of Tovah Greenwood at Central Flats and Taps. Music Therapy plays just across the street in the Time Warp Tea Room. Artist Michael Jackson will be in Gallery 211 above Oodles on Market Square with his great rock and roll art featuring a couple of new Dylan pieces to coincide with the Dylan Birthday Bash.

Soldiers have fun, too - Blount Mansion, Knoxville
Soldiers have fun, too – Blount Mansion, Knoxville

Food Truck First Friday will be at 400 W. Jackson from 6 – 9 PM. Gallery Nuance will have music, wine, art, bellydancing and fun all night long. One of my favorite local artists, Maggie Gardner Tankersley will have an exhibition at Sapphire from 6 – 8 PM and you can pick up some special vodka samples as your browse the art. Union Avenue Books will host Terrie Boruff Yeatts and her art. Aisle Nine in the Old City features the art of Sonia Uriate and throws in Salsa Lessons just for fun with Salsa dancing to follow at Cocoa Moon. The Blount Mansion hosts a Garden Party in their Colonial Revival garden overlooking the Tennessee River. An exhibit on the War of 1812 opens with some “very kitschy manikins in period costume.” 


But then there are my BIG THREE for the weekend. Are you ready?

Alexia-Pantanizopoulos of Norwegian Wood, Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Knoxville, June 2013
Kelle Jolly and the Will Boyd Project, Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Knoxville, June 2013
Rains Fall with the Lonesome Coyotes, Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, Knoxville, June 2013

It starts tonight with the Tenth Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash sponsored by WDVX on Market Square. It started on the World’s Fair Park, but really hit its stride a few years ago when it moved to Market Square the First Friday following Bob’s actual birthday (May 24). You can read the story of last year’s show to get the flavor of the event.

Some of the finest Knoxville musicians will each play two to four Bob Dylan songs before giving way to the next artists. It’s a great chance to sample a large number of local bands and they all put their stamp on the great material they play. So, come here some rock and roll Bob, some Jazz Bob and who knows, maybe some Gospel Bob and Reggae Bob. It is a joyous event and the square will be crowded, so get there early. It starts at 5:30 PM and runs until 10:00 PM. Bring a chair and help us celebrate Bob’s 73 years on this earth.

Steampunk Carnivale, Knoxville, June 2013
Steam Punk Fashion Show, Steampunk Carnivale, Knoxville, June 2013

Saturday pops with two great events. The first one starts at Noon runs until 10:00 PM. It’s the Steam Punk Carnivale and it’s an event like no other you’ve ever seen. It’s held under the I-40 Viaduct on Williams Street (across Magnolia from the Public House. The best way to understand the event is to read my piece on last year’s edition and the next-day follow up about the Steampunk Fashion Show. This year’s edition will feature music, vendors, acrobatics, demonstrations and the absolute best people-watching to be had. Don’t miss it.

Dixieghost, Preservation Pub, Blankfest, Knoxville, May 2014
Dixieghost, Preservation Pub, Blankfest, Knoxville, May 2014

But I will have to split my time, particularly toward the end of the night with the third big event of the weekend. The Band Eat Band finals kick off at 9:00 PM in Scruffy City Hall and feature the five bands that made it through: Theorizt, The Crumbsnatchers, Dixieghost, Marina Orchestra and Far Far Away. They fight it out one last time for a huge prize: $3,000 cash and a week in a recording studio. But the audience also wins with a chance to see some of Knoxville’s very best bands all together for one night. Be prepared to stay late because this one will stretch into the morning hours.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. I hope to see you at some of the events. Shout out a “hello” if you see me wielding the camera about.

A final Friday Note: New content has been added to the “Downtown Properties” tab above giving details about properties which have sold so far this year in the downtown and near-downtown area. Check it out.