Monday Night is Booked – Write it on the Wall

I know some of you must get tired of me suggesting you go to this musical event or that artistic or literary event, but I absolutely must implore you to attend back-to-back events this Monday night: The CBID event at the Square Room and the Mayoral Debate at the Crown Plaza.

I know – not the mayoral candidates – it’s my best mayor picture!

CBID normally meets during the day and downtown residents who work outside the city cannot attend. Here’s the current notice making the rounds:

CBID to Hold After Hours Meet & Greet

Meet the staff and board of the Central Business Improvement District, and find out what projects are underway in downtown Knoxville or how to get involved. Swing by the Square Room at 4 Market Square on August 22 from 5-5:45 for light appetizers and social time. The board meeting will begin at 5:45 and will conclude in time to for everyone to attend the mayoral debate hosted by City People at The Crowne Plaza at 7pm.

 . . . which just about sums it up. One of the most important groups in downtown: The Central Business Improvement District, a group to which all downtown property owners belong by virtue of the fact that we pay an extra tax, is holding a rare (unprecedented?) evening meeting. Please attend. If you don’t, then they will figure day meetings are fine. I think there should be a quarterly meeting at night so residents who are unable to attend at noon may attend. A good portion of their money is OUR money, so we need to be involved.

The statement above also indicates that consideration will be given to the fact that the most important election to downtown residents is just a few weeks away and the most prominent candidates will be available to discuss the issues most important to downtown and to answer YOUR questions. Don’t miss the opportunity. It’s too important. Wear your Urban Nation t-shirts and converge en masse on the Square Room and then march on the Crowne Plaza.

Seriously, if you feel downtown is important, you simply must attend both of these events. Your absence will speak as loudly as your presence could have spoken. Be there. Ask questions. Be involved.