Makers Donuts Opens Today – With Free Donuts

This is where we find out precisely who the truly devoted readers of Inside of Knoxville – and true doughnut lovers – really are. As of 7:00 AM this morning, Makers Donuts not only opens, but owners Sean and Sara Alsobrooks will be dishing out a free confection to each customer until they are gone. […]

Remedy Coffee Opens Tomorrow at New Location

I mentioned recently that the time between the announcement of a business opening or moving and the actual opening or move sometimes seems interminable. Most often the original plans meet delays and complications which adds to the wait. Such has been the case for Remedy Coffee which has moved from its original location on Jackson […]

Remedy Coffee Plans Move From Current Location

  About six years ago, Remedy Coffee opened at 125 W. Jackson with a mission to serve good coffee in a good environment, while building the community. Owned by Knoxlife Church and operated by minister Sean Alsobrooks and wife Sara, the venture has been a successful one. Several things have changed, however, in the intervening […]

New Business: K-Town Swing Puts a Spring in Downtown’s Step

I first met Scott Angelius and Kelly Arsenault at Remedy over coffee and with little prompting got that they like the vibe in Knoxville. Scott, who is originally from Fort Worth, but more recently lived in Austin said that Knoxville reminded him of that weird and cool Texas city. By contrast, Kelly was born and […]

Maker’s Donuts: Doughnuts On the Way for Downtown

Now that a pharmacy is on the way to downtown, I haven’t heard a consensus for what we need next. I have heard doughnuts mentioned more than once and, while it might not be the most essential downtown need, it is certainly a nice amenity to add to the mix. I’m also excited about the […]