A Major Downtown Restaurant Closes on Gay Street

It’s been sometime since a major business on Gay Street closed its doors. Restaurants, in particular seem to be bustling with waits often the norm. For Urban Woman and me, this one stings a bit as it was one of our favorite restaurants – particularly for brunch, but often for dinner, especially when we had […]

5 Bar Providing Free Meals Through American Lunch

When I first wrote about 5 Bar coming to Knoxville¬†a year-and-a-half ago, I mentioned that the company encouraged employees to do volunteer work and that one of those opportunities included, “a local food truck called American Lunch, which distributes soups and gumbo, bread, iced tea and water, free to those who need it. Many of […]

Five Bar Restaurant Opens on Gay Street

Today is the official opening of Five Bar Restaurant¬†(Facebook) at 430 S. Gay Street. Yesterday a soft opening allowed staff to practice before opening day and the restaurant was packed. Small wonder, given the prices (free), but like Urban Woman and me, I’m sure that many of those customers will return with friends. Even with […]