Formally Introducing Contributing Writer Heather Ryerson

My First Headshot (Photo by Caitie McMekin)
My First Headshot (Photo by Caitie McMekin)

Over the last several months, you’ve read articles by Heather Ryerson, who has posted as a guest writer. Starting now and expanding in May, Heather becomes a contributing writer, joining Scott McNutt, who dutifully assembles the 10 Day Planner each week. She will (with exceptions) author articles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve never had systematic help with the content on this webpage, and the time has arrived.

Here’s Heather:

In July, I snuck into your emails through an article on Two Bikes, a downtown nonprofit serving the community through biking and mentoring youth. After that, you read more from me weekly as I explored Knoxville and its amazing urban community. But I never officially introduced myself.

My family and I moved to Knoxville in May 2020 after my husband accepted a job in December 2019. Before our move, I found Inside of Knoxville and enjoyed how Urban Guy depicted his city. I read daily, and we could not wait to move. Fast forward, and the city was shut down like the rest of the world, stunting our ability to get to know people, places, and all the great things that make up Knoxville. 10 of 10 do NOT recommend moving to a new city amid a global pandemic. Urban Guy’s articles kept me hopeful for the day we would finally see the people of Knoxville below the eyes.

After the longest 18 months ever, the city began to open again with events popping back up and festivals resuming. My family jumped in with both feet and found “home” here! Two years later, I approached Urban Guy after a tour of downtown with him through Bike, Boat, Brew, and Bark. I blindly proposed doing something like what he has been doing, and here we are!

Ryerson Family, Knoxville, 2022

While we do not live downtown (1 husband, 4 kids, 2 dogs, a fat cat, and 2 fish), I’ve always loved any downtown. It is the heart of the city! Knoxville is no different. Whenever I get the Sunsphere in view, I have that “Ahhhhh, this is the best!” feeling.

I described myself recently in an article as a cheerleader for all things good. You have undoubtedly noticed that I take a positive angle on my articles. While I recognize the negative and challenges, my goal is to uplift and encourage positivity and growth in our city. It was this spirit that kept me coming back to Urban Guy’s blog.

I also love great food and drinks, discovering hidden gems, bringing people together, audiobooks and podcasts, adventuring with my family, and exploring new places. Yes, I am the mom who takes her family on a history tour in every city we visit. Our world is big and beautiful, and I want to know all about it!

Ryerson Family, Knoxville, 2022

Learning more about Knoxville and sharing my stories is truly a dream come true for me. I can’t believe I get to meet all these fantastic people and share their beautiful stories with you. Thank you for reading and commenting. Share with your friends and subscribe below to get the updates sent to your email!

One thing that is missing is my own moniker. Do I need one? Urban Guy has his thing, but I’m at a loss for something original.  Please comment to let me know what you think and help me find a name that fits!