Yassin Terou’s Big Moment Stands in Contrast to National Developments

Last week, a big moment in Yassin Terou’s life, and in Knoxville, came to fruition when Square founder and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey came to town with a video and production crew to debut an eight-minute film about Yassin’s experience as a Syrian Immigrant in the U.S. CNN was on-hand for the invitation-only event at […]

Yes, They Are Open (Except One That Has Closed)

I’m often asked, “Are they open?” The object of the question may be different from one conversation to another, but people forget or miss an article (can you believe that?) and they aren’t sure. Hopefully, this will cover some of the places I get asked about often, as well as another couple I wanted to […]

Is Knoxville Cuisine Improving? Which are the Best Downtown Restaurants?

We’ve had numerous debates about food in Knoxville over the years I’ve written about downtown. I generally write about restaurants that open, and while I’m spreading the word more than I’m reviewing them, I generally find some good things to say. Are we world class? No. Do we have the variety of restaurants found in […]

Top Articles of 2014, Part 1: #25 – #11

One of my nerdy personality quirks is that I really enjoy statistics. I’ve obsessed at various times over SEC football statistics, music statistics (sales, artist rankings, chart positions) and, obviously,  I now pay attention to Internet statistics particularly as it regards my own site. End-of-the-year lists fascinate me probably too much. So, it’s natural that […]

Yassin’s Falafel House: Go. There. Now.

I’d contacted Yassin Terou weeks ago when I heard about his Falafel restaurant opening at 706 Walnut. Those of you who read this blog know there would be at least a couple of reasons for me to get very excited about this new venture. I’ve written regularly about our need for more ethnic food offerings […]