Those Wonderful Murals

  David Denton, who has written on this site  a number of times, offered a column on his opinion of the historic murals on the Walnut Street Garage. My observation is that visitors and residents alike have been interested, amazed, pleased and impressed. I often have conversations with pedestrians stopped beside the current photographs viewing […]

Enterprise Car Rental Makes Good Urban Move

When I saw the “For Lease” signs posted at the corner of Summit Hill and Central Street, my first inclination was to be pleased: That’s a terrible use for that corner. As the most prominent entrance to the Old City, a diner and a very large car lot is not the best face to put […]

More Little Changes in the City

While I listed a half-dozen and one changes just last week, there are a number of others worth mentioning. I suspect this may become a regular feature as so many changes are happening and I can’t write a story about each of them short of cloning myself. Some of these may be minor, while others […]

Walnut Street Garage Takes Shape: What Do You Think?

It’s massive, it’s changed our skyline and it will hold many, many cars. Over a thousand of them. So far, there’s not much to disagree with. It’s all true. That’s where opinions diverge. I’ve made it clear before that I question whether we need so many parking garages and, more particularly, whether they all need […]