Downtown Hotels: Too Many? Too Few? Just the Right Number?

  I get these kinds of questions often. Most of the time they are asked from the perspective of doubts about whether downtown can support all the new hotels that have sprung up in recent years. In the nine years I’ve been writing about downtown, four new hotels have opened to go with the five […]

Ken Burns Brings His Country Music Roadshow to Knoxville: An Interview

Ken Burns has tackled a wide range of subjects in his decorated career of producing documentaries. Best known for perhaps a handful, such as ‘The Civil War,” “Jazz” and “Baseball,” he’s produced roughly forty films on topics ranging from wars to sports, legendary people to government and national monuments. In all cases, it’s a story […]

The US Pro Road National Championships Made for an Exciting Sunday in Knoxville

As much fun as the criterium offered on Friday night, the main event in cycling waited for Sunday in downtown Knoxville. The crowds were solid, but unspectacular, but they grew through the day. As was the case last year, I missed most of the women’s race due to the radio show, but I was able […]

Men’s and Women’s USA Cycling Pro Criterium 2018 Photos and Results

You’ll have to pardon me if I linger over this past weekend’s cycling events. The weekend was jam-packed, with Gay Street closed on Friday evening for the first national championship US Pro Cycling Criterium for men and women. The street was closed Saturday for Pride (which I’ve already covered) and again on Sunday for the […]

So What Makes Christmas in the City a Top Twenty Tourism Event?

While I haven’t run a poll, I think it is safe to assume that every city in the U.S. has holiday celebrations of various sorts starting this time of year. No doubt many of them are wonderful. So, why would the Southeast Tourism Society name Knoxville’s Christmas in the City as a “Top Twenty Event,” […]