Fourth of July Fireworks and Week

Here is my annual contribution to mediocre fireworks photos. I don’t think I’m getting any better from year-to-year, but some years the wind is more favorable than others to remove the smoke which, if you don’t know, is the enemy of good fireworks photos. Our brains screen it out, but the photos don’t lie. I […]

City People Home Tour 2018: A Look Inside Downtown Homes (Part Two)

In this article, we’ll take a look at four more urban homes, ranging two a small urban homes and two larger spaces. Three of these homes are located in the northern portion of what has traditionally been considered, “downtown.” One is on the 100 block of Gay Street and two are in the Daniel Building, […]

City People Home Tour 2018: A Look Inside Downtown Homes, Part One

I hope you all made it out to the City People Home Tour and enjoyed the great weather and big crowds taking a peek into a few sample downtown residences. It’s a tour my wife and I have enjoyed for fifteen years or more. It’s one of the factors that helped us “see” ourselves as […]

A Look Into a Small Urban Home and the Person Who Chose to Live There

I recently met Tere Stouffer in her small apartment in the Arnstein Building (Above Urban Outfitters) just off the southwest corner of Market Square. I asked how she came to be living in downtown Knoxville and the answer started with President Kennedy’s call to action, and ran through Brazil and New York City. The journey […]

2012 City People Downtown Home Tour: Cook Loft and Residences at Market Square

For the third installment of the 2012 City People Downtown Home Tour, I’ll take you through what I saw and learned at the Residences on Market Square and Cook Loft. We’ll start with Cook Loft which is the top floor at 722 S. Gay Street on the opposite corner from the Bijou.┬áThe bottom floor of […]