Nineteen Story Apartment Building Planned for North Waterfront

Word has been circulating for quite a while that a major development was planned for the north waterfront, just to the east (by twenty feet) of the Henley Bridge. I first mentioned the rumors and named the company, California-basedĀ Cogent Bay, IncĀ (this link was not working when I linked, but appears to be the correct address) […]

What Makes a City Happy? Healthy? Smart? Here’s Your Answer (Sort of)!

Those are the questions, aren’t they? If we had smart cities with happy and healthy citizens, we’d have unlocked the secret to many of our problems. So how do we do that in a general sense? And, more importantly to us, how do we do it in Knoxville? It has a lot to do with […]

Providing Affordable Housing in an Urban Environment

There is no shortage of articles discussing housing prices in urban areas. It’s not a complete reversal of trends from forty years ago, but it does provide an interesting contrast. Will the trend last? What are the implications for our future? It’s hard to know, but some recent articles have explored those questions. In a […]

An Interesting Look at Development: Value and Cost

The fact that we are making decisions today that impact the future of our city is no secret. It’s important, then, that we understand the impact of those decisions on our future. We have finite resources and we’d like to get the most value for them we possibly can attain, right? That, in a nutshell, […]