Top Articles of 2014, Part 1: #25 – #11

One of my nerdy personality quirks is that I really enjoy statistics. I’ve obsessed at various times over SEC football statistics, music statistics (sales, artist rankings, chart positions) and, obviously,  I now pay attention to Internet statistics particularly as it regards my own site. End-of-the-year lists fascinate me probably too much. So, it’s natural that […]

Rearranged, Expanded and Re-imagined Tomato Head Opens

  The first thing that becomes obvious as you approach Tomato Head is that you won’t enter the same door patrons have entered since 1990 when Tomato Head opened as a lunch spot. The entrance at 12 Market Square will now be primarily for servers assisting patrons at the outdoor patio. The new entrance is […]

Under Construction

  Here’s a quick look on a Friday at some of the construction projects happening downtown. Most of this has been reported other places but, in case you missed it, here are a few noteworthy items. The biggest project in downtown’s recent history is the Henley Street Bridge. It has grown to a $31,000,000 dollar […]