Is Knoxville’s Coffee Community about to “Bloom?”

What do Providence, Rhode Island, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles California and Knoxville have in common? It could be a major coffee event. It’s been a while since I talked about coffee in Knoxville, other than the occasional aside. Truth is, I really enjoy a good, quality cup of coffee. I’m certainly no coffee […]

Moments and Movements Around Town Which Made Me Stop, Take Note and Think

Today I’ve got a bit of random ramblings. I see a lot of things as I walk around town. Some of them don’t fit neatly into an article, but I find them interesting, none-the-less. I probably am spotted on the street staring into the near-distance more often than I’d like to admit. I try to […]

Yes, They Are Open (Except One That Has Closed)

I’m often asked, “Are they open?” The object of the question may be different from one conversation to another, but people forget or miss an article (can you believe that?) and they aren’t sure. Hopefully, this will cover some of the places I get asked about often, as well as another couple I wanted to […]

Three Bears Coffee Soon Begins Operation in a New Location and Adds a Tasting Room

The first thing that hits the senses when arriving at the roasting location for Three Bears Coffee, which for now is the upstairs of owner Jeff Scheafnocker’s home, is the strong smell of coffee beans being prepared for bagging and delivery. The sound of the beans as they are stirred by the machine offers a […]

Icon Re-opens as a Restaurant and Lounge

Last year I introduced you to the Icon Ultra Lounge with its groovy lighting inside the Sunsphere. The bar has recently undergone a transformation and had its grand re-opening, yesterday, opening officially as the Icon Restaurant and Lounge. The business now features a farm-to-table menu which will change with the seasons and which will, no […]