How About a Little Orchestra with that Beer?

We have certain expectations of different kinds of people and groups. Sure, sometimes they are misguided preconceptions, but generally certain groups or tastes don’t mix much. Do you think of wine snobs flocking to hockey games? Do you easily imagine a Prius-filled parking lot for a monster truck rally? Modern Dance enthusiasts at a gun […]

Big Ears, A Second Glance

After arriving home on my bicycle, drenched, fatigue setting in and with a disappointing show to end the previous night, I’d had my enthusiasm tempered a bit. I had other business to take care of in the morning, so I didn’t make it out until just after noon when I caught the last few minutes […]

Sometimes the Good Guys Win: Knox Heritage Fantastic Fifteen Awards

Once a year Knox Heritage celebrates local preservation victories and recognizes the people who had a hand in those victories. Last night the event took place at the Standard and featured a number of awards, along with an interesting presentation by Thompson Mayes, Vice President and Senior Counsel for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. […]

Saturday Sounds: Del McCoury Band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Music can be many things and certainly it can be joyful. Pure joy is the best way to describe this recent show at the Standard. Sponsored by WDVX and a birthday party of sorts, the night started with the Traveling McCoury band, which is Del McCoury’s band without Del. A very tight bluegrass unit, they […]

So, What’s Your Big Idea?

You’ve had one, right? That idea that came to you as you pondered how to make a better ice cube or how to get a beer from the refrigerator without leaving your recliner? We’ve all said, “I bet if someone invented “X” they could get rich,” or “I’ve got this idea that could make somebody […]