Plainview Digital/Plainview TV and Brett Winston; Keeping it Creative

Sometimes my job puts me in awkward positions. Today’s story starts with a couple of them. In 2012 I wrote about the Waynestock Concerts, as I do every year, and particularly, I wrote about a group called “The French.” In that article I generally praised them but questioned whether they were serious or just goofing. […]

Waynestock 2014, Night Two

Well, this one’s going to be very photo heavy and word light. Fires have literally been breaking out downtown today and I’ve been very, very short of time. For those of you who expected me to write about the fire: I decided to address it next week. I know it’s not timely, but the media […]

TAMIS, Cas Walker, Rentfro and French Guys

If Friday night was bizarre at Pilot Light, and it was, Saturday evening was at the very least, eclectic and unusual at the Relix Theater in Happy Holler. The event was billed as a Grand Opening for Raven Records a few doors down and a fund-raiser for WUTK, but neither function took center stage. The […]