COVID-19: 10/16/2020 Update (State and Local, Including Today’s UTK Briefing)

Congratulations! We made it through another another week of a pandemic/bitter election year! Early voting started and numbers appear to be high. Please vote and vote safely. We’ll do that as an extended family this weekend and for Friday Night Movie Night, we’ll have a Harry Potter kind of night in celebration of Urban Girl’s […]

COVID-19: 10/14/2020 Update

It’s Wednesday! I hope your week is going well, so far. Starting today you have the opportunity to early vote. If you’ve never early voted before, this might be a good year to start. The crowds are generally smaller, though convivial. We early vote almost every time as an extended family, including the little urbans. […]

COVID-19: 10/13/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK and the KCHD Briefing)

Tennessee News: Yesterday, the state of Tennessee reported 2,965 new cases of COVID-19. The number is the highest since July 31 and is the fourth highest of the pandemic. The state fell behind only Texas and California for the most cases reported for the day. The total of confirmed cases during the course of the […]

COVID-19: 10/12/2020 Update (Including International, National, State and Local News)

I hope you enjoyed a quiet weekend with the rain outside and football or a quiet book inside. Rainy fall weekends are among our favorites. We completed the Bill and Ted trilogy with the Urban children and I must say, “Face the Music” was most excellent. To me, it was better than the original – […]

COVID-19: 10/9/2020 Update (Including UT Briefing)

It’s Friday and we’ve got a soggy weekend ahead, followed by Fall Break for all the public school students in the county. I know the two in my house are abuzz with excitement. Nine months ago we were planning to take them to San Francisco for their break. It’s another of the many losses we’ve […]