COVID-19: 6/13/2020 Update (Plus Health Department Briefing)

Welcome to another week. I hope you each had a chance to get away from the news for a bit. There’s been a lot to absorb for a long time and it looks to keep coming at a rapid pace. Hang tight, support each other and we’ll get through this to the other side. International […]

COVID-19: 7/10/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Welcome to the weekend. I wish the news was better. Please spend some time taking care of yourself and your family. I hope you find some joy and rest. Please do so safely. International News: There are currently 12,434,907 confirmed and reported cases of COVID-19 across the world and 558,416. Yesterday an additional 223,230 cases […]

COVID-19: 7/8/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

It’s mid-week and we’re about to get some tentative answers about schools in the county. Political leaders are making their feelings known. Parents, teachers and students have their own feelings as we’ve struggled with controlling the illness as well as containing economic and other damage. There’s a lot going on. Please be thoughtful and safe […]

COVID-19: 7/7/2020 Update

I hope your first full week of July is going well. Attention this week and weeks after will be increasingly focused on the looming start of a new school year. The School Board is set to take up the issue tomorrow. As we judge our leaders nationally, at the state level and locally, we should […]

COVID-19: 7/2/2020 Update

The announcement that masks are now required inside buildings in Knox County has certainly dominated today’s local news. Predictably, it has drawn diametrically opposed reactions ranging from relief at an overdue simple action, to outrage at the infringement on our constitutional rights. With the rate of infection we are seeing, the Board of Health felt […]