An Anniversary for two Missing Buildings and an Empty Lot

Yesterday an anniversary of sorts passed without so much as a thought. It’s something that some people would rather be forgotten. It’s something that only the most spiteful among us might be interested in celebrating. I think it is worth remembering and taking note. For those of you who didn’t read this blog two years […]

An Open Letter to St. Johns Episcopal Church

I’ve dreaded this moment for well over a year. It was over a year ago that St. John’s Episcopal Church submitted a request to the Downtown Design Review Board for permission to demolish two buildings they own at 710 and 712 Walnut Street. Delays followed while Knox Heritage, with the help of David Dewhirst, attempted […]

Another Sunday, Another Protest at St. John’s Episcopal Church

Another small group wishing to encourage St. John’s Episcopal Church to stop plans to demolish two 1920’s homes gathered in front of the church on Sunday morning. The message continued to be the same: It hurts your neighborhood and neighbors when you destroy our remaining older buildings. Just as was the case the previous week, […]