Top Articles of 2014, Part 1: #25 – #11

One of my nerdy personality quirks is that I really enjoy statistics. I’ve obsessed at various times over SEC football statistics, music statistics (sales, artist rankings, chart positions) and, obviously,  I now pay attention to Internet statistics particularly as it regards my own site. End-of-the-year lists fascinate me probably too much. So, it’s natural that […]

“Southern Crossing” Picking Up Steam: Jackson Avenue Proposal Update

Last May I wrote about a proposed project that brings together art, craft and railroading that is being created by architect David Denton and artist Bobbie Crews.  The response to that posting was overwhelming. Since that time the team has been hard at work refining the concept and talking with numerous downtown leaders and organizations soliciting […]

And Now For Something Entirely Different: A New Proposal for Jackson Avenue

I’m going to defer the second installment of the Fourth and Gill Home Tour in order to open up some weekend conversation about the Jackson Avenue redevelopment. I posted a dramatic proposal from a reader a couple of weeks ago which generated a good bit of conversation. This is a dramatic proposal, as well, but […]