Saturday Sounds: Scott Miller, Guy Marshall and More

A big part of last weekend’s flurry of activity was the music. Both on Market Square at the Tomato Head Silver Anniversary party and at the Emory Place Block Party, a series of musicians (and others) took the stage. I took far too many photographs of the various events and the musicians to include in […]

Pieces of our Heritage: Bijou Jubilee 2015 and Tennessee Shines

This Saturday night at the Bijou Theatre Scott Miller and the Commonwealth will take the stage for the annual Jubilee. It’s an annual celebration of the building once slated for demolition, the salvation of which ultimately led to the formation of Knox Heritage. One of my earliest articles centered on the 2010 Jubilee. Interestingly enough, it […]

Waynestock 2015 a Huge Success

I’d love to write a lengthy article about Waynestock, detailing set lists and performances, but for a couple of reasons, I can’t do that. First, I really wanted to enjoy the music and not focus as much on documenting it. I achieved mixed results on that front, but I didn’t take notes, so I can’t […]

RB Morris, Hector Qirko, The Short Bus and the Listening Room

This post carries a large amount of freight, so hang on. For those of you new to the Knoxville music scene, the photographs you are viewing with this post are of two Knoxville icons. In fact, they are two icons who seem, to me, to do some of their very best work together. In the […]

January Scruffy City Ramble (with pictures from last month)

Here’s my monthly post on this great series. The lineup tonight is crazy good. Sadly, unless I get an assist from mother nature, I will be dutifully working away and will miss this one. I love them all, but this one seems better than most for my taste, so it stings to not be there. […]