HGTV Builds a Local Urban Oasis With a Little Help From Our Friends

This past week, HGTV offered local news outlets and bloggers an opportunity to see what has been a closely kept secret for about a year. HGTV began in 2010 giving away an Urban Oasis spot which was meant to complement their Dream Home and Smart Homes giveaways.   For each of the first five years, […]

Smart Trips: Saving Knoxville’s Air One Commuter at a Time

I’ve mentioned the organization before, but I’ve never officially written a piece about them, which is kind of shocking, as I’ve loved Smart Trips since very early in their history. Officially started in 2004 as a response to Knoxville’s non-attainment status for clean air, the group focused first on city and county employees and then […]

A Tour of Historic Fourth and Gill, Part Two

Today I’ll finish up with some of last Sunday’s tour of the Fourth and Gill neighborhood. Located just north of downtown, this community is home to a number of young professionals and I ran into a number of them on the tour. Nina Phalen, owner of Style of Civilization, and her husband Edgar Smith had just […]