City House Town Homes Within Months of Completion

It’s been three-and-one-half years since I first wrote about Hatcher-Hill’s plans to build row homes on Vine Avenue at one of the highest points downtown. Since then a lot has changed while very little has changed. In July of 2015, the homes were set to begin construction right away. For various reasons, the start was […]

Loch and Key Productions: Taking the Next Leap

I recently visited the new home of Loch and Key Productions at 2411 North Central Street and enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation with owners Andy Feliu and Eli Hechmer and Lauren Fyfe, Producer and Director of Client Services. The trio laid out the long journey from a new company in 2011 which might or might not […]

The Ely Building is Finally Ready for Renovation

It’s been a long journey for the Ely Building (1903) at 406 Church Avenue. I first wrote a full article about it in May of 2012. On the market for $899,000 at the time, I thought it made a good investment. Each floor, including a basement and two above-ground floors are 2,000 square feet, for […]