Knoxville Graphic House Leaves Market Square/Rococo Closes

This time of year often produces retail shifts – as we saw last year when several businesses closed or moved. As of December 1, we’ll see the a change on the square this year. It’s a good news story: Knoxville Graphic House, which has taken an increasing share of space from Rococo over the last […]

Images from the City, Fall 2012

I take thousands of photographs each year of downtown Knoxville. It isn’t entirely unusual for me to take more than a thousand in a month. Some of them die an ignoble death, as they deserve. Many live on in a post about something I’m documenting. And then, there are all the others. These photographs deserve […]

Friday Business News: Rococo Opens at 2 Market Square

Well, not quite at this moment – but tomorrow. Owner Courtney Coffey will open her new boutique in the prime corner location on Saturday, June 2. After a number of months with a vacant store-front and rumors of a mattress store that excited no one, the right store seems have converged with the right place […]

Let’s Get Down to Business: The Casual Pint, Rococo and more

With everything that’s been going on in the city I’ve fallen quite behind on my business news. I’ll try to sprinkle more of that across the next couple of weeks, though the pace of what’s happening in the city certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing. For today, let’s look at some of what’s happening on […]