A Market Square Business Closes: A Look At the Empty Spaces on the Square

Market Square has long been seen as the epicenter of downtown Knoxville’s redevelopment and resurgence. The idea has emerged that Market Square is the core from which other development emanates. Still, it hasn’t been that many years ago that we first hit all addresses occupied at the same time – and even that comes with […]

Building Purchased on Market Square: New Business Announced

When Rita’s Ice closed after nine years at 26 Market Square, the location seemed unlikely to remain empty for long. But there were questions: Given the increasing price of rent on Market Square would a chain take the space? Would the vacant second floor find a use? A chain of some sort seemed likely. A […]

A Market Square Business and a Union Avenue Business Close

It’s a truth that may be hard to keep in focus in these heady times in downtown Knoxville, but businesses don’t always make it and the ones that are successful for a period of time don’t stay forever. There may be direct and obvious causes or there may be nothing discernible beyond the simple numbers. […]

Moments and Movements Around Town Which Made Me Stop, Take Note and Think

Today I’ve got a bit of random ramblings. I see a lot of things as I walk around town. Some of them don’t fit neatly into an article, but I find them interesting, none-the-less. I probably am spotted on the street staring into the near-distance more often than I’d like to admit. I try to […]

Making Knoxville Better: Dale’s Fried Pies and Rita’s Ice

Happily, last week I had a bit of a vacation from my real job, which allowed me to write a few longer, more involved pieces and actually have the time to sit for conversations with some of the people making a difference in our community. Sadly, the weather was not so good. Spring weather was […]