Building Purchased on Market Square: New Business Announced

When Rita’s Ice closed after nine years at 26 Market Square, the location seemed unlikely to remain empty for long. But there were questions: Given the increasing price of rent on Market Square would a chain take the space? Would the vacant second floor find a use? A chain of some sort seemed likely. A […]

A Market Square Business and a Union Avenue Business Close

It’s a truth that may be hard to keep in focus in these heady times in downtown Knoxville, but businesses don’t always make it and the ones that are successful for a period of time don’t stay forever. There may be direct and obvious causes or there may be nothing discernible beyond the simple numbers. […]

Moments and Movements Around Town Which Made Me Stop, Take Note and Think

Today I’ve got a bit of random ramblings. I see a lot of things as I walk around town. Some of them don’t fit neatly into an article, but I find them interesting, none-the-less. I probably am spotted on the street staring into the near-distance more often than I’d like to admit. I try to […]

Making Knoxville Better: Dale’s Fried Pies and Rita’s Ice

Happily, last week I had a bit of a vacation from my real job, which allowed me to write a few longer, more involved pieces and actually have the time to sit for conversations with some of the people making a difference in our community. Sadly, the weather was not so good. Spring weather was […]

New Business: Pop Culture Offers Relief from the Summer Heat

It’s been hot in Knoxville the last couple of weeks. I know I should follow that up with something funny that starts with, “It’s been so hot  . . .” but I’ve never been so good at that sort of thing. Suffice to say we had back to back days that were each hotter than […]