We Talked About History All Week, Had a History Fair and Now Turn to Science (of the History Making Sort)

Has there been a week in which more Americans discussed our history than this past week? While the controversy over Confederate monuments isn’t new – New Orleans removed theirs with great angst on all sides this past winter – certainly, the extent of the nationwide public conversation born out of the events in Charlottesville was […]

East Tennessee History Fair, 2014

It’s always a fun event and includes so many events that it’s impossible to do them all. I worked pretty hard most of the day and didn’t make it to several major events that I really wanted to see. The ones that I did see were universally excellent. The main draw and the center of […]

East Tennessee History Fair, Part One

I’m not sure why it always works out this way, but anytime I miss a weekend downtown it always turns out to be amazing. ┬áMaybe it’s because unless it’s the dead of winter, they are all pretty good. At least I missed this one for a good reason: Urban Father turned 80 and we had […]

East Tennessee History Fair – and a Farmers’ Market All-In-One!

Granted my ears still rung from Friday night’s festivities, but Saturday morning offered more of the strange, great, cool temperatures we’ve enjoyed in August. Maybe it’s payback for July which just simply wasn’t nice. After having around 10,000 Guv’nahs fans downtown just a few hours before, on Saturday downtown hosted probably that many or more […]